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Things Are a Changing….

Posted on 24 October 2012 by olav

As you may have noticed The Anomalies Network has been down for quite awhile…  This was for a lot of reasons, but one of which was the result of evolution, and I hope you enjoy the new changes! We have a lot more in store!

12 years ago I started the Anomalies Network to fill a gap, at that time there was no place on the internet to get large amounts of data about the UFO phenomenon. So I hatached an audacious plan, to build the biggest repository of UFO related information on the then emerging Internet, and I did.  With no budget and only a little bit of time I built the Anomalies site, then called The S4 Database.  But as time has gone on things have changed and there are now tens of thousands of amazing sites out there which had the same information I did.  So there is no shortage, but something else became apparent to me – many of the films I enjoyed through the years we’re being lost to time and age, but also and more importantly the medium had changed as had technology.

I again launched an audacious plan, to rebuild the Anomalies site, but this time leveraging the emerging technology of IPTV to not only host classic and rare UFO/Conspiracy/Paranormal and make them available to you on both TV and Internet but also to create new content and explore the mysteries of our age!

The result is this website, and the online video portion as well as a new IPTV channel on the ROKU platform (Which is free btw!).

Site is growing, and I have moved over some old content but it will continue to grow as I add more content.  But already the ROKU channel has almost 12,000 subscribers and hundreds of hours of UFO/Conspiracy and Paranormal content – and growing (Like Project UFO, Freeman’s Videos, and many classic documentries!)! So please keep checking back, and if you have a video you made, or a rare one we need contact us!

So sit back and enjoy the videos!  And get a ROKU!  Its the best $49.99 you’ll ever spend!  Then sign up for our channel!!


– olav


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