Submit Your Movie To The Anomalies Channel!

Are you a filmmaker?  Did you produce, edit or direct a film or documentary on conspiracies, the occult, ufos or something we might be interested?  We’d love to talk to you! We are always looking for amazing independent and new  documentaries we can host on our channel and with over 12,000 active subscribers to our ROKU channel we can make sure your film is seen!  There is no cost to you, we host it and provide it on our free roku channel, you just need to supply us with the film as well as art and a synopsis. Its that easy!

Afraid of giving it out for free on our channel? Many of our partners embed advertisements into their videos, which is fine with us! In many cases those advertisements turn into dollars when people buy your other videos or even the video we are showing and with an embedded ad for your website we’ve seen significant increases in traffic to some of our partner sites as our viewers try to find out more about you and your research.

Getting your film out there and seen is a difficult proposition.  Let us help you, and help our views get insight into your research!

You can email us at [email protected]!  Do it today and get your film seen!


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