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The Anomalies Channel is pleased to announce that RICHPLANET TV has now joined our channel! This amazing television show from the UK, hosted by Richard Hall is a must see for anyone interested in UFO’s, Conspiracy, and the unknown! Subscribe to the Anomalies Channel today (its free!) and tune into this important new show!

From their website:

RICHPLANET TV programmes are intended to expose information covering a wide range of issues which mainstream television do not cover correctly. Mainstream media is controlled by a tiny group, who, in order to maintain vested corporate interests and serve their masters in the intelligence agencies, censor and distorted certain issues they cover. The programmes seek to expose these practices and report on subjects such as false flag terrorism, UFOs, animal mutilation, hidden energy technology and many more. In fact any subject the RICHPLANET TV team feels is being hidden or suppressed for nefarious purposes is covered. The programmes you see on this channel might shock you and you certainly will not see this information on dumbed down mainstream television!

Please check out this amazing new show!

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