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Another amazing video from Rob Davin @ ConspiracyHQ/Burning Man Studios and having seen a preview of this new series, everyone needs to watch this! This is one of the best videos out there today and works to connect the dots, but not using politics or agendas – instead Rob Davin connects a series of frightening dots and lets you decide what is happening!

In this first installment of  The Sixth Extinction series host Rob Daven breaks down the earth changes happening around the globe and introduces you to a few of the experts featured in this series.

From strange animal deaths to increased seismic events, there is no doubt that we are headed towards the Sixth extinction event.

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  1. tinasandswebb Says:

    the 6 th mass extinction has to do with biodiversity which offically began in 2000 when miss waldrons red colobus monkey species went extinct on the ivory coast the 1st primate species that went extinct in 200 yrs that carried the hiv virus the raw monkey brains – then planet earth is in the next massive ice age – in the early 1970’s george bush sr lsut for oil in the brazilian rainforest and the destruction of this – in 2000 george bush had more intennas installed at haarp a facility in alaska – using these intennas with their satelitte they have burned a hole in the ionosphere where radiation from space has been getting in – the depletion of the brazilian rainforest by george bush and his corn ethanol project has insured the next massive ice age the pressure from the ice caps has made the atlantic widening and the pacific narrowing – they have also destroyed a large portion of the earths biosphere – the re are 10 of 1000’s of fingerlike cracks on planet earth from a huge crack in the indian ocean tectonic plate from a member of the explorers club hq in nyc and satelitte images provided by NASA – haarp took out japan to began with – then theres the 4b 400m people left with the disease – hiv strained and mutated out via the us hookers in june of 2009 thru june of 2010 into strains of hiv and hiv cancer strains and 2 brain std’s – this had been spreading by the oils on the skin when the us hooks infected their clients via their use of cocaine and crack – increased heartrate and brainactivity supplied by the afg inv for their oil and the karzi bros crack and brought to you by the cocaine countries guat, colubia,ecaudor,boliva and peru in particular and the fbi across the us the drug distributors along with the cia the coast guard the airbases throughout the us – this disease went airborn in june of 2012 plaent earth is cracked and parts of it is sinking because of this this are the main culprits resp for this- the explosions – the sinkholes 1. the disease george bush sr. 2. george bush 3. al gore 3. rand paul 4. bill gates 5 haarp 6 the cia cocaine shrinks the brain of common sense and logic and crack fries that part of the brain – then george bush sr and his crew invented the oil spokes that are hidden in the ground and used because george bushes and his sons insane lust for oil to begin with used in the gulf ecuador in iraq they crack earth too these nuts are trashed from cocaine to begin with along with janet reno a lesibian who had a love affrair in the early 1970’s with the head of the c cartel daughter and who is good friends with george bush sr his son bill clinton hillary etc they thought this is great stuff and we are going to make alot of money off of this to feel good and shrink our brains this whole thing has backfired on 4 b 400m people and these cocaine addicts themselves there is no common sense or logic in any of these peoples minds it is gone so everybody can thank themselves for the drugs to begin with here and abroad

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