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Pre-Columbian Contact with Sumerians in the Americas? It Would Appear So…

Posted on 07 January 2015 by Olav Phillips

Like many things classical archeology is fraught with danger. There is the ever present danger of going into unstable countries to do archeological research, but more importantly there is the danger of funding. Like it or not all archeological expeditions require funding, and that funding comes from governmental institutions as well as private donors which leads to an agenda being set. For the archeologist there is an extreme pressure to not drift outside the norm, less your funding be cut or you are even ostracized by your peers because you are seen as too radical. What this produces is a don’t rock the boat scenario where archeologists, when confronted with a oddity, will seek out the more conservative solution but behind closed doors many of them have more radical theories about human history. This leads us to a fundamental problem – who and why are they writing our history? In most cases it is well intentioned archeologists seeking the truth, but seeking a conservative truth.

Every day, all across the world, oddities are found. Phoenician coins in North America, Viking swords in the Midwest, or maybe Sumerian artifacts in Bolivia. These oddities are often dismissed because they do not conform to the status quo of human migration. Traditionally migration to the America’s is seen as a migration across the Bearing land bridge into North America with people filtering down and populating the central and southern parts of the continent and while this is true, archeological evidence does support this, there is a bigger story here.

Recently while searching around for those oddities, as I do from time to time, I came across one of the more flagrant and shocking historical oddities I have seen in awhile. They came in the form of a bowl called the “Fuente Magna” bowl and the “Monolith of Pokotia” which both appear to possess cuneiform (Ancient Sumerian writing). Shocking I know… but are they real? One would imagine if these items are real and can be translated it would represent a major archeological discovery! Funny enough, when this was making the rounds in the late 1990’s I was actually studying Anthropology and Archeology at a well known school and I’ll be damned if my professors ever mentioned this. In all those years not a word, but seeing these artifacts is pretty darn shocking!

Ok so what is it…

The Fuente Magna Bowl

1g The Fuenta Magna bowl is a large brown bowl and was found on the land of the Manjon family by a worker near Lake Titicaca about 80km from La Paz in Bolivia. The bowl is large with handles and would appear to be a ceremonial bowl of some sort, but the more interesting fact is that it is apparently covered in Sumerian cuneiform. That’s pretty odd and very out of place.

2gThe cuneiform appears to cover the inside of the bowl with some ornamentation on the outside. Seeing that this would require a significant amount of effort, things like this are usually reserved and religious objects or objects of veneration.

In 1958 an archeologist named Don Max Portugal Zamora came across the object and set about to identify the writing, but his early comparisons to indigenous writing was unsuccessful and he concluded that the writing must be some other style. Fast forward many years – the cause was then taken up by Bernardo Biadós Yacovazzo and Freddy Arce who identified the writing as cuneiform. They then sent photos to Dr. C. A. Winters who provided the following translation:

“Approach in the future (one) endowed with great protection the Great Nia”.

“[The Divine One Nia(sh) to] Establish Purity, Establish Gladness, Establish Character”. (“This favorable oracle of the people to establish purity and to establish character [for all who seek it]”.)

“[Use this talisman (the Fuente bowl)] To sprout [oh] diviner the unique advise [at] the temple”.

“The righteous shrine, anoint (this) shrine, anoint (this) shrine; The leader takes an oath [to] Establish purity, a favorable oracle (and to) Establish character. [Oh leader of the cult] Open up a unique light [for all], [who] wish for a noble life”.

But there was more…


1g 2g
3g fuente_magna

Monolith of Pokotia

sar_8mop1The researchers came across a second artifact called the Monolith of Pokotia. It is a stone sculpture about 2m (6ft) tall which shows a man and is covered in cuneiform. The second has less known about it but it was also discovered near the site of Tiahunaco and Puma Punku, which are also a bit odd in their construction but more on that another time.

The researchers again contacted Dr. Clyde Winters, the same person who had translated the Fuente Magna bowl and were startled to again get a cuneiform translation:

Front of the statue:

” Distribute/ the opening of the Oracle to mankind./ Proclaim [that Putaki’s] offspring (are to) witness esteem./Act justly (now), to send forth the oracle to nourish knowledge./ Appreciate the cult. [All to} witness the divine decree./ Send forth the soothsayer to capture the speech [from the oracle] to make clear the ideal norm [ for living, as a guide for mankind]. [Citizens] witness in favor of this human being to create wisdom (for all mankind), and send forth [an example of good] character [Indeed]!”

Left side of the statue.

“The Diviner proclaims the phenomenal depth of this area , of the deity’s power, to entrust man with wisdom”.

Right side of the Pokotia statue including  inscriptions which were engraved in a box that provided the name of the oracle. Below is the inscription:

“Good Putaki, a wise man and progenator of (many) people.”

There is an additional inscription on the right side of the statue.

” Take an oath to witness character and wisdom. Witness the deity’s power [ to make for you] a righteous soul”.

The inscription under the hand on the Pokotia figure is very interesting:

” The oracle Putaki conducts man to truth. (This) esteemed (and) precious oracle to sprout esteem, (now) witness (its) escape”.

The Decipherment of the back inscription of Putaki is below. The writing on the back is written in Proto-Sumerian. The language used to read the inscriptions was Sumerian.

“Proclaim the establishment of character. The strong father (Putaki) to send forth the devination. Strong wisdom (in this) phenomenal area of the deity’s power. Capture the speech (of the oracle) . (The oracle is ) very strong to benefit (and) nourish the sprouting (of) character. Tell human being(s) (the oracle’s) benefit. The oracle to open (up) much (benefit for all).”

” The ideal norm (is the) oracle (of Putaki). (This) oracle is (in) a phenomenal area of the deity’s power”. Distribute to all humanity (the divine decree). Snare a portion (of the) pure voice. (The oracle to) send forth gladness. Agitate the mouth (of the oracle), to send forth the divination. The diviner speaks good.”

Or possibly

” The ideal norm (is this) oracle. (This) oracle (gives) divine decree.Distribute to all humanity (the divine decree). Snare a portion (of the) pure voice. (The oracle to) send forth gladness. Agitate the mouth (of the oracle), to send forth the divination. The diviner speaks good.”

“The divine decree to become visible and glisten (from the oracle’s own) mouth. Open up the divination. Agitate the oracle (to) send forth (now) wisdom and character. Open (the oracle) to distribute the divine decree (for all it is) lawful and righteous Good. Send forth the sustenance of the pure oracle. Stand upright (Oh oracle) to appear as a witness speaking purity. The oracle (of Putaki) to open (up and) send forth gladness and character”.

“(Putaki) speaks (in) true measure, to send forth gladness (for all). Send forth nourish(ment). (The oracle Putaki is) the father of wisdom (and) benefit (for all). (The oracle) to become a visible witness of the diving decree and knowledge. (This) pure oracle speaks the divine decree (and) makes (it) a visible witness (of the deity’s power).”


sar_8pbck1b sar_8pbck2b


So what do these oddities tell us?  They could represent evidence of pre-columbian contact with Sumerians which while shocking enough is the tip of the iceberg.   These items would appear to represent religious artifacts which are not generally taken lightly and would not be traded but instead venerated.  This would seem to indicate there was a Sumerian population at Tiahuanco in the range of 3500 to 3000 BC. It is important to add that the location of Tiahuanco is very barren and remote.  Lake Titicaca is located in the Altiplano and is extremely high, cold and desolate with only sparse vegetation.  This is not a location where people would just go, and certainly not traders peddling their wears.  This would seem to indicate that there was a population there and given the ruins there this was a site of symbolic religious significance.

More importantly – Why are we not talking about this? If this is real this is a major find and should rewrite the textbooks on pre-columbian contact. After looking into this and other oddities it would almost seem like there is a conspiracy of silence…




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Triangular Aircraft with Adaptive Camouflage Sighted Over Michigan!

Posted on 07 November 2014 by Olav Phillips

by Olav Phillips

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.08.19 PMA new video has emerged from a MUFON “CE-5″ skywatch in Auburn Hills, MI. which may show a secret aircraft utilizing adaptive camouflage. The video shot at 8pm on November 2, 2014 shows three lights in a triangular pattern streak across the sky. At some point there are clouds which the aircraft seems to fly through as well as as several stars which it seems to project before completely vanishing. This behavior is consistent with several high altitude aircraft seen on a recent trip to CSETI Ranch.

According to MUFON Case 61223

“The group met at the organizer’s house in Auburn Hills,” the witness stated. “When we were heading out to the cars to make half-mile journey to our selected field, we noticed the skies were perfectly clear – an excellent night to be star gazing. It was fairly bright as the moon was overhead and about 70 percent full.”

The group then drove to the skywatch site a short distance away.

“We again looked skyward and this time commented on three chemtrails being visible. We grabbed our chairs and walked a couple hundred feet to the middle of the field and set up our chairs and blankets. That process couldn’t have taken more than 15 minutes.”

After setting up their equipment they sighted the object.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.06.46 PM

Aircraft adapting to star

“Somewhere about 30 minutes into the session I saw a triangle craft appear from the north on a southerly trajectory. It was emitting light from each of its three corners (as you’ll see in the attached video ‘auburn hills’). Its altitude seemed to be at least several thousand feet. I called out that I saw an inbound triangle and the guy next to me tried frantically to see what I was talking about. He didn’t have any light enhancing devices and never ended up seeing the craft.”

The next day while reviewing the video more objects were seen.

“I hadn’t reviewed more than five minutes of video when I saw what looked like a huge craft moving behind the clouds. I then created a program to step through the frames one at a time so I could see what was going on. It ended up being that what looked like a huge stealth craft with two more fast moving lights. They came in on parallel trajectories from the top of the video and split off towards the center as you should be able to see in the attached video ‘hidden UFOs.’ Since I didn’t notice the crafts during recording, I panned away earlier than I would have liked had I known they were there. If you step through the frames, you can see the lower craft initiating a hard bank to its left when I’m starting to turn away.”

Adaptive Camouflage

What’s interesting about this video is the way the aircraft is adapting. Several times you can see the aircraft fly past a star, and instead of obscuring the star like a normal aircraft you can see the craft shimmers a little and seems to bend. The star moving slightly.

The other interesting moment is at the end of the video the aircraft seems to dissolve into the cloud. Conventionally the observing would imagine the aircraft being obscured by the cloud but in this case you can clearly see several stars which can be seen next to the aircraft as it dissolves.

More and more of these triangular aircraft are being seen, and it appears that they have become operationalized which is a very interesting development.


Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.39.36 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.40.06 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.40.16 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.40.36 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.06.37 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.40.16 AM




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Proof of the Secret Space Program? NASA Technician Reveals She Saw Astronauts Approach Viking Mars Lander in 1979!

Posted on 06 November 2014 by Olav Phillips

It was back in 2005 and John Lear was being interviewed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory when they received a phone call from “Jackie” who was just outside Las Vegas. Jackie, claiming to have been a NASA technician back in the 1970’s handling the telemetry feed for the Viking Mars lander calls in hoping Lear can help her solve a 27 year old mystery. Apparently one night while monitoring the downlink Jackie and several other technicians witnessed two astronauts in space suits walk over to the the Viking lander before their video feed went dead. If true this would lend credence to the Secret Space Program hypothesis…

Check this out!

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Haunted Disneyland: Security Camera Shows Ghost at the Haunted Mansion

Posted on 04 November 2014 by Olav Phillips

For many years stories have swirled about certain areas of the Disneyland PArks being haunted. Disney has always been very hush hush about this but now a new video has emerged which was apparently shot from the security control room after the park was closed.

If you watch carefully you will see a vaporous figure emerge from the Haunted Mansion and walk down the walkway and continues to walk through the park.

Do you think it’s real? Let us know!

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Did they capture ghosts? Fisherman snaps mysterious image in double rainbow

Posted on 04 November 2014 by Olav Phillips

Source WITI

Do you believe in ghosts? It’s a question often asked this time of year. For two long time friends, a recent fishing trip has solidified their belief in spirits.

Brookfield native Mike Jacobs, and his friend Bill Wobbekind, often fish in Western Wisconsin. Along a spring fed creek, they have found their happy place. The two admit, not all of the stories that leave here, are 100 percent accurate.

“He`s absolutely forthright, upright, 100 percent straight, except when he is talking about the size of the fish he catches,” says Wobbekind about his friend.

All of the fish they catch, the sportsmen release back into the waters.

“You kind of leave things there for other people, to enjoy and the fish are able to live,” says Jacobs.

After a first day of fishing on a recent trip, the men headed back to their nearby lodge. Before heading out on a second day, a strong storm moved through.

“We saw it was starting to clear finally, and we got up,” says Jacobs.

In the West, a double rainbow appeared. Jacobs, an amateur photographer, grabbed his camera, and started snapping.

“The pictures were very pretty,” says Jacobs.

Read More

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Secret Triangular Aircraft Sighted AGAIN! This Time there is Video!

Posted on 14 October 2014 by Olav Phillips

by Olav Phillips

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.03.06 AMOver the last few months there has been an increasing number of sightings of a specific style triangular aircraft seen in our skies. The first photos emerged from the Midwest and South of the United States and clearly showed triangular aircraft shooting across the sky. Now it appears we have another set of photos, and a video!

The video, which purports to come from an Air France flight 10/10/14, appears to have been taken at cruising altitude as the flight makes its way towards France. As the video starts we see the triangular object flying parallel to the Air France flight before effortlessly glide into the clouds before it disappears.

These sightings are becoming increasingly common and would seem to indicate an increasing number of these aircraft moving through the sky. One element which is interesting about these sightings is that they have commonly been misidentified as UFO’s. They are UFO’s in so far as they are Unidentified Flying Objects, but I think at this point the assertion that these aircraft are alien is off base. These aircraft being seen are human, built in the United States and are most likely a next generation aircraft from the mythical Aurora which entered operations in the early 1990’s.



Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.03.40 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.03.23 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.03.06 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.02.49 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.02.31 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.02.11 AM


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7/29: DOOMSDAY SUNSHINE W/ James Horak

Posted on 30 July 2014 by Mike Burt


Two years ago many of us were terrified by the possibility of the world coming to an end on December 21st, 2012. We are all still here for now. Tonight on Ground Zero, Guest James Horak shows us what we missed and could be coming next in ‘DOOMSDAY SUNSHINE!’

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The Secret Space Age: Secret Space Programs, Breakaway Civilizations, Nazi UFOs, SDI and Alternative Three

Posted on 26 July 2014 by Olav Phillips


The Secret Space Age @ Amazon

In 1977 in the quiet English countryside a film was aired. It was so shocking that for more then 30 years it’s been discussed and analyzed. But what if Alternative Three was in fact real? Was it the blueprint for surviving the end of the world? How does it connect to the Secret Space Program, Nazi UFO’s, SDI and even Chemtrails? Are there bases on the Moon?

For the first time ever shocking details about the Secret Space Program
and Alternative Three are exposed. The connections between some of the greatest Conspiracies of all time and a secret government program to move to Mars to survive the coming global apocalypse. This book takes a deep dive into The Secret Space Program, The Break Away Civilization, Nazi UFOs, SDI, Alternative Three, and the END GAME of the New World Order.

Check it out today @


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Was an EMP Pulse Tested on the West Coast? Probably Not But….. An Exotic Weapon Was!

Posted on 08 May 2014 by Olav Phillips

I came across an interesting story today on BeforeItsNews which purported to show a EMP device was tested over the West Coast of the United States which disrupted airline traffic across the major airports in the West. At the same time there was believed to be a U2 aircraft flying a “training” mission.  The aircraft was traveling at over 60,000ft and apparently, at least according to news source confused the new FAA ERAM system which was trying to redirect planes believed to be on a collision course despite being 20,000 to 30,000 feet below. This could indicate some sort of ghosting.  The idea that the aircraft is somehow able to make itself appear to be at multiple altitudes at once, this concealing its true altitude.


The Starfish Prime explosion as seen from Honolulu, HI

The article then goes on to a discussion about how the problems with the ERAM system were actually a test of an EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse weapon.  As with many things on BeforeItsNews – they must be taken with a “grain of salt.”  Given the scope of the issue, affecting only FAA ERAM systems on the West Coast, it is highly unlikely that a EMP device was used.  What is more likely and totally possible is a test of a new type of weapon system designed to confuse ATC or Air Traffic Control.  This is especially likely since, as we have reported, there is a new aircraft being seen in our skies.  This triangular aircraft which flies at an extremely high altitude may have actually been the culprit.

EMP attacks themselves are something of myth and legend.  It is known that the US Military tested an EMP device in 1962 called “Starfish Prime.”  Once detonated it created havoc in the Hawaiian islands destroying some electronic devices.  The Starfish Prime detonation also disabled three satellites immediately and another seven later due to long term radiation damage from the detonation.  Later that year the Soviets also carried out a similar test which overloaded a power station, causing it to explode.

If an EMP was detonated over the West Coast much of electronics would have been fried and the level of damage would have ranged into the billions of dollars. Damage would have ranged from cars not starting to entire power plants exploding not to mention “bricking” or turning most of the Silicon Valley into the land of muti-billion dollar paper weights. So I find the idea of an EMP detonation, even a highly targeted one, highly unlikely.

What does make more sense, and is interesting to postulate is the use of a new weapon system designed to effectively jam air traffic control.  The Air Force did confirm they had an aircraft in the area at that time, claiming it was a U2 but it would stand to reason given the time when jamming occurred that aircraft may have in fact been this new aircraft we have been seeing. This is especially interesting considering the recent revelation that Russian Bombers have been more active in the Pacific.


US: Russian planes more active in Asia-Pacific

WASHINGTON (AP) — The commander of U.S. air forces in the Pacific is reporting a significant increase in activities by Russian planes and ships in the region.

Gen. Herbert Carlisle linked that to the situation in the Ukraine. He said Russia was demonstrating its capabilities and gathering intelligence on U.S. military exercises.

Carlisle said there had been long-range Russian air patrols to the coast of California and a circumnavigation of the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam. He said a U.S. F-15 fighter jet intercepted a Russian strategic bomber that had flown to Guam.

He also reported a sharp increase in Russian air patrols around Japanese islands and Korea.

Carlisle said there was a lot more Russian ship activity too.

He was speaking Monday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank.

© Copyright 2014 The San Diego Union-Tribune, LLC. An MLIM LLC Company. All rights reserved.

indexSuch a weapon system would be very useful to a new stealth style bomber capable of Aurora like speed and altitude and you can’t ignore the timing or the impact.  The Russian bombers active in the Pacific do lend further credence to the notion of a re-ignition of the Cold War and a Cold War strategy does require the advancement of weapons technology. Let’s be honest, a bomber attacking a target would benefit greatly from jamming ATC radar. We also know this new aircraft is making the rounds and could easily be covered up with the story of a 1950′s era U2 on a training mission.  The U2 was originally conceived in the 1950′s and was made famous by the loss of Francis Gary Powers’s U2 over the Soviet Union.  By today’s standards the U2 is a slow and vulnerable aircraft which could be taken down, but since we do have a number of them it’s also a convenient cover for the more exotic aircraft which has been recently seen in our skies.

I guess the moral of this story is not to immediately look for the easy answer (an EMP) but to do some digging and try to figure out what could really cause the problem, especially with the presence exotic aircraft in the area.


For more information on how an EMP works try this video:

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East Bay Walls, Enigmatic Feature or Part of the Remnants of a Lost Civilization in Northern California

Posted on 07 May 2014 by Olav Phillips

1779146_10152188507143467_704727010_nThe journey started quietly enough, I was writing a series of columns for my local paper “The Martinez Gazette” about mysterious features of Contra Costa County and the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I had already written a number of articles about haunted houses, mysterious spots, even the odd UFO abduction but when I came across the mysterious walls of the east bay I found a true oddity.

The walls of the East Bay traverse some 50 miles in a straight line from the Carquinez Strait to San Jose, and in some places another 20 miles inland to Mt. Diablo.  They are generally six feet high, and so far have defied explanation, hence the title “mysterious.”  For nigh on 100 years they have been explored, thought about but today have been largely abandoned.  Theories on their origins range from Zheng Hue’s exploration fleet, giants, Native Americans, even farmers but so far little or no archeological research has been done on them outside of the trying to document their history which apparently pre-dates western/Spanish activity in the area.

Rough estimates by a geologist put their age older then 400 years or circa late 1500’s which puts this anomaly in new territory and forces the dismissal of many common theories about European / Spanish farms.  Especially since the greater San Francisco the Spaniards did not settle region until 1769 when an expedition lead by Don Gaspar de Portola and Fr. Juan Crespi began to settle what is now San Francisco.  There was the odd seafarer such as Sir Francis Drake, who was believed to have sailed through the area in 1579,  but seeing as he was a privateer  the notion that he and his men attempted to settle the region is high suspect.

MiwokIndiansConventional research of the mystery walls has pointed towards Native American construction.  This is the passively accepted view of this mysterious artifact, but this too seems suspect.  To build a wall over 50 miles long running North to South and up to 20 miles East would have been a massive undertaking and is almost unheard of for hunter gatherer cultures.  That added to the general lack previously discovered megalithic structures casts serious doubt over the notion that the wall is of Native American origin.  In fact to posit that notion we would need to understand what purpose would a massive wall, broken today but one would imagine it was unbroken in the past, serve to a nomadic group?  Conventionally walls are used defensively or to define land ownership and keep animals in as pens.  In the case of the Coastal Miwok (the indigenous group of the greater San Francisco area) they were nomadic and not pastoralists having no real domesticated animals.  So that leaves a defensive wall but what war would be large enough for that size of wall?

That leaves us in a very interesting position and forces the exploration of other options.  One possible scenario is the Zheng Hue fleet which set out to circumnavigate the world, and that end there is evidence that the Chinese did reach California. Anchors found in Baja California, mysterious writings from a Buddhist monk in Meso America, even a sunken 17th century Junk found near Chico.  Then there is the porcelain found in Drakes Bay.

All these elements make for a true mystery.  A 50 mile long wall is odd enough, but what if the wall was not alone?  What if there were other walls?  A chain of walls all along Northern California because as it turns out, there are other mysterious walls in North California but not just in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Instead these series of walls may stretch as far as the Oregon border.

My first discovery was made while doing research about the East Bay Wall.  I found information about a series of walls located in Marin County, just across the bay from the termination point of the East Bay walls.  These walls, also apparently dating to the same time period and also rock pile walls have long believed to have been built to pen cattle by an Amish farmer who lived in the area in the 19th century.  Wait, I’ve heard that story before?  Yes, you have.  A similar explanation has been used to classify the East Bay Walls, an explanation we now have decent evidence is not possible.

The Marin segment of the wall heads out towards the coast, and displays the same characteristics.  The rocks are stacked and the wall is about six feet high.  There are places where the wall is lower, but as I personally discovered in a exploration the Milpitas section of wall, over 3 feet of it had been buried due to weather antiquity.  Never the less, a very similar wall exists in Marin County which starts and roughly the same position, just West, of the East Bay Wall.  But why doesn’t the wall connect?  The section of land between the Carquinez Straight and Marin, home to the former Mare Island Shipyard, is largely a marsh and wetland.  Build a wall in those conditions would have been near impossible.  It is also important to note that at many of these locations the rocks seem to show human manipulation, in many cases you can see bore holes where a hole was drilled into the rock for an unknown reason.

indexSo as we move back towards Marin, we continue towards the Coast.  At which point  we pick up a new segment of wall located in Point Reyes.  The mysterious Standing Stones of Point Reyes,  bisect the Tomales Point peninsula and are laid out in a straight line with some 400 stones placed to make a wall roughly two feet high.  It bears mentioning that although this wall is only two feet high it may in fact be partially buried as I discovered with the Mission Peak segment of wall, but the fact that it is two feet high and laid in a straight line. This has lead some to point out that it is directly aligned towards Mt. St. Helens in Washington state but this has not been explored.

So the mystery deepens as we now have a 50 mile long wall with a separate series of walls in Marin leading to another set of walls in Pt. Reyes.  To say that is a massive engineering project is somewhat of a misnomer.  The construct a series of walls, complete or broken, of that magnitude would have taken a large manual work force probably decades to construct.    To allocate resources for such a massive undertaking would also require an equally massive need, something beyond simple celestial alignment or ritual structures.

serpentineThe interesting thing is that the story does not end there.   I also recently came across a rather interesting series of articles about a mysterious wall located in the Shasta Valley.   This wall would be located North and East of the Tomales Point structure, but is again of similar design.  Roughly six foot walls which seem to stretch on for miles across the valley. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that these walls exist in a fairly remote mountainous, and non Coastal Miwok, zone.  In fact in a research study written about the area, the archeologist could find no apparent reason for these walls to have been constructed.

“While it is conceivable that the reason for these stone fences being constructed in the valley proper lies with the obvious need to clear some of the rocks off the land in order to plant crops, the need for fences within the foothills and more mountainous regions is not so readily apparent.” (“Archaeological Explorations in Shasta Valley, California”, by Hamusek, Blossom, Eric W. Ritter and Julie Burcell, for the California Bureau of Land Management in 1997).

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 1.57.11 AMThe interesting thing is that the rock walls are not confined to just the San Francisco area, or to just the Shasta are but are actually located throughout the northern part of the state.  They stretch, in groupings, South to Fresno and North to the Oregon border.  The walls also seem to exist in concentrations, many times around hills or some central landmass.  This is also consistent with the East Bay Walls which originally started this line of research.  In the case of the East Bay Walls, the wall takes a move inland towards Mt. Diablo, which is the dominant landmass of the area as well as ringing several small hills along the way.

If the East Bay Walls or any of the wall complexes are taken independently they represent quite a mystery, but when taken in the larger context what appears to emerge is order and distribution. It is particularly telling in the region around the Sutter Buttes, which display a massive number of walls, which appear to ring the buttes themselves, but it’s the geographical distribution of the wall complexes, which is most telling.

In the Bay Area the walls seem to ring the bay, one would imagine that the original unworn walls would have encircled the bay.  In the Sutter Buttes the walls appear to extend out from the central feature and do indeed look like property divisions with fairly small areas enclosed by larger areas.  In many ways it looks much like county lines but on a micro scale.  This seems to indicate they would have been defensive or property boundaries, but the issue here is boundaries for who?  That is the true question here.  This is especially interesting because the structures themselves seem to cross the boundaries of known indigenous groups and in some cases cross the boundaries between groups which had historically held a high level of animosity towards each other.  This would also seem to discount the notion that native groups built these walls.

What has emerged from this exploration is the possibility of a heretofore unknown, large scale, and distributed culture.  There appears to be several fairly large population centers where the walls seem to concentrate and divide less land.  While in other lower population density areas there seems to be larger chunks of land divided up.  This can be seen in the Sutter Butte complex vs. Burney Rock Lines. In the Northern area there seems to be another large complex in the area surrounding Mt. Shasta.

The interesting thing about the distribution of these large complexes seems to exist around large landmasses and to ring them. Another interesting element of this culture appears to be the propensity to ring bodies of water.  This is seen at the Hog Hill location as well as in the Shasta complex.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 1.58.28 AMSo the fifty million dollar question is who built this? It would appear to be a distributed group since the construction technique is similar as well as the position of the geographic zones (around hills), with large concentrations around larger landmasses such as mountains then smaller groups around lower hills.

Who built these is something, which could be open for debate, but it would seem with such a geographic distribution the ancient Chinese would need to be ruled out since their fleet would not provide the population size for such a level of construction.  The apparent age, based on samples examined at the East Bay Wall, would rule out European incursion since the samples inspected would indicate a settlement pattern hundreds of year pre-dating the Spaniards.   It is also important that the relative age estimate is older then 400 years, but based on conversations the actual age is probably more in the 500 to 600 year range maybe even older.  Further analysis is needed before a better dating of the rocks can be done.

This ancient, potentially pre-contact, civilization could also account for the persistent stories of Lemurian and survivors of Mu landing in California post cataclysm.   There are stories dating back some time which seem to recall survivors of a great cataclysm settling in California, especially around Mt. Shasta which also appears to have the highest density of these mysterious walls.

Whether the walls were built by Lemurians or some other ancient pre-contact culture this would appear to be the source of the story and begs for better and more defined research to be done.  It represents a massive failure on the part of conventional archeology to not investigate an anomaly of this magnitude.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 1.58.53 AMWhat we can see is a large population, geographically dispersed which had a fairly sophisticated concept of resource division as well as defense, but what is really interesting is the apparent lack of ruins in these areas. We can see the walls, we can see the concentrations, but there don’t seem to be any other ruins.  This would suggest either extreme antiquity meaning the ruins of the settlements are buried or that while this apparent civilization did build walls on a massive scale their structures were temporary or at least made out of non stone/non age resistant material such as stone. The third possibility is that the walls themselves are not the population centers but maybe agricultural centers with the bulk of the population living in settlements close by.

No matter which way you take the discussion there is an anomaly here which needs further intensive interest and investigation.  Not enough has been done to understand the true nature of what has emerged as a lost civilization. Not only a lost civilization but a fairly large lost civilization which could pre-date European contact and could also account the long standing myths of Lemurians and survivors of a lost island in the Pacific and that is a story that has been in doubt for sometime by conventional historians.

Maybe they were Lemurians or maybe some unknown group built these structures, either way the mystery of the California Walls needs further exploration and still persists as a true enigma.






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