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ABC TV Launched Subliminal Advertising Program for “The Mole”

Posted on 23 October 2012 by olav

Subliminal advertising on TV? I thought that went the way of easy bake ovens, Duran Duran, and the DeLorean? Yes I thought subliminal advertising was a fad of the 1980’s as well, and long gone but apparently ABC Television has decided that they NEED us as viewers to watch “The Mole” so badly they need to brainwash us to do it.

So what’s happened? The ABC Television Network, over the last few weeks has launched a subliminal advertising program for its re-launch of “The Mole.” Yes it’s really a subliminal advertising program, and I first caught it during an episode of Lost. A show well known for the weird Lost related advertisements for “The Dharma Project” or “Oceanic Airlines”, which I might add at the time really added to the show. Originally I thought the ad was a one off, and even being a conspiracy researcher I ignored it. Big mistake…because it came back. This time on Extreme Home Makeover (yes I watch it, I admit it..). So its been a couple weeks now and they are still on so now I’m breaking my silence, and I’m hoping as viewers we can send a message.

It’s obvious ABC Television really wants a good re-launch of the Mole, but I don’t think Mind Control is the proper way of doing it. It also begs the larger question of what else is ABC feeding over our airwaves. That’s a very good question, and one we can’t necessarily answer, because depending on the sophistication of the mind control operation we may never even see it, but what I do know is that they are actively using a brainwashing technique pioneered by the CIA and I as a viewer don’t like it.

One thing to point out is that from the point of view of subliminal advertising they did a bad job because I caught it, or maybe the conspiracy nut in me is just tuned for this. By the way if you don’t believe me to the right you can view an actual screen shot from my personal TV. That image was recorded during Extreme Home Makeover 05.04.08 and can be seen by stopping the video at about 40 minutes 58/59 seconds into the broadcast. Its visible for less then a second so you’ll need a DVR or VCR recording to catch it. Did you delete Extreme Home Makeover? That’s ok, watch Lost it will be there.

So what can we do about this? Well we need to send a message to ABC and let them know as viewers we don’t like being brainwashed. So we have a couple of options: the first is spread the word and let everyone know they are being manipulated, the second is to ban the ABC Television Network but I think we as viewers could actually do something more meaningful by starting a campaign to end this horrible and appalling advertising practice. ABC needs to understand MIND CONTROL IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE FORM OF ADVERTISEMENT AND WE WILL NOT BE MANIPULATED.

So to that end this is what I propose. I propose as viewers we rise up and send a message, and let them know we’re not letting this happen. And in order to get that message across I think we should all send potatoes and lets let them know we are NOT potatoes who can be fed this information but instead we are thinking individuals who should be respected, and if normal advertisements for “The Mole” are not good enough then the show should be canceled.

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