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The Sixth Extinction

Posted on 31 December 2013 by Rob Daven

The pre-cursor to Project Breakaway was a film dealing with the theories of the Sixth mass extinction on planet earth.   Featuring interviews with Marshall Masters, Scott Owen, Freeman Fly and more.

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Special Christmas Present from Conspiracy HQ!

Posted on 21 December 2013 by Rob Daven

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who come by and support our work.  You have made 2013 an AMAZING year for myself and the folks who contribute to Conspiracy HQ!

To say thank you for such an amazing year I wanted to do something special.  I pondered for weeks about what I could do that would truly show my gratitude for making us one of the #1 conspiracy sites on the Internet.

After much thought I scoured the numbers and decided this was the only real way to show my appreciation.

Starting January 1, 2014 at 12 midnight I will be launching Conspiracy HQ TV and giving it away for free FOREVER!

Not only will Conspiracy HQ TV be just “another video website”.   We will be launching with access from Computers, Mobile AND Internet TV’s!   All 100% free.

Obviously if Conspiracy HQ TV exists there will be no need for DarkSpace TV.   It was an interesting experiment and I sincerely thank all of you that purchased memberships, but the motive here was never to make money but broadcast to the world.   Thanks to the support from our YouTube channel our video server bill has been paid for the year and we can serve an unlimited amount of content out to you 100% for free.

I have around 24 hours of content already lined up with much more to add in the coming weeks and month.

Again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this year so successful.


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Mysterious Disappearances, National Parks, and the Break Away Civilization – Evidence of Batch Consignments?

Posted on 15 December 2013 by Olav Phillips

moonOne of the things which has always been perplexing about the Break Away Civilization was the notion of “Batch Consignments.”  Batch Consignments was a term used in Alternative Three to describe the movement of individuals offworld for use as slave labor to construct bases on the Moon and Mars.  The idea of Batch Consignments was to use effectively slave labor as a commodity work force for construction of the bases needed by the Break Aways for expansion.

On the surface the idea seems quiet reprehensible, people being forcibly relocated and forced to perform slave labor, but then again you are dealing with a group which does not necessarily hold human life in high regard, but it does make sense. It is cheaper to use slave labor then to use a skilled group of people to perform any task.

So here’s the problem – How do you prove that Batch Consignments exist? A relatively large workforce would be needed, the work would be grueling and the mortality rate would probably be high due to accidents, overwork and other causes.  So you would need a constant supply of new people being kidnapped to provide the labor force.  So where do you get large numbers of people over a long term? The answer, at least in part, may surprise you.

Ever year thousands of people go missing under mysterious circumstances.  Accidents, murder, and many other reasons can provide the context.  Recently there have been many stories about people kidnapped who spent decades in captivity before escaping to tell their story, but there are others which actually defy conventional logic.

Africas_wars_and_conflicts_1980–96Most batch consignments, if they exist, can be attributed to political instability in the third world.  During many of the regional wars seen in Eastern Europe, Africa, and South East Asia instability and large numbers of displaced individuals provide a large source of labor.  During these conflicts entire villages could disappear without a trace with little or no attention and the level of humanitarian catastrophe in the worn torn regions makes it almost impossible to catalog the number of people displaced, lost or just vanished.

During the Rwanda Genocide in 1994 more then 800,000 people were murdered and hundreds of thousands simply vanished and are presumed dead.  This would represent men, women and children and some of those individuals could have become batch consignments very easily.

But there is another mystery which was discovered by researcher, and ex police officer, David Paulides. Paulides has undertaken research into disappearance clusters and his research has proved some very interesting results.  On one hand he has documented numerous cases where, in National Parks, children have disappeared within feet of their parents only to be found miles away sometimes even over mountain ranges with no recollection of how they got to that location.

In other cases he has documented cases where people simply vanished leaving their cloths in a pile as if they were snatched from within their clothes.  Their clothes simply simply piled where the person had been standing.  In both cases dogs were unable to pick up the scent, which is strange, it was as if the person just dematerialized.

Whats more interesting is the locations of the clusters of disappearances.  If we look at the map which Paulides has made, we can see that at least some of clusters are  located near places like Tonopah/Area 51/Nellis, Edwards AFB, Sandia, as well as many other major installations which could be used for movement.  In fact many of the disappearances are reasonably close to facilities documented on a map made by “TAL” dating back to 1990 where he documented secret underground bases and a secret underground rail network which links them.  The match is pretty uncanny.



More over Paulides has documented numerous cases of disappearances inside National Parks, and when people inquire with the NPS about the disappearances?  They are stone walled and told the National Parks Service does not keep records of disappearances.  This lead Paulides and others to file FOIA requests which have as of yet provided no further information.

In fact on occasion researchers have even been intimidated by National Parks Service personnel when filling FOIA requests.  So why the secrecy?  One would think the NPS would be doing whatever they could to locate the missing campers or hikers.  One would also imagine that, given the numbers of visitors, the NPS would be working hard to protect people which I think they do to some major extent but you still cannot escape the fact that many of these clusters are in National Parks.  But that also makes sense.

If you want to harvest labor you are going to go where people are, and there are a lot of them in National Parks. They also provide a good cover – Well Bob went hiking and got lost case closed.  But the patterns Paulides is finding is disturbing.  As Paulides put it in an interview with George Knapp:

“People disappear in the wilderness all the time. We’re talking about something different. These are unusual things that don’t make sense, that happen to cluster together in three to four, sometimes as many as 20 to 30 people missing at one location.”

The numbers here, at least the numbers we know, are fairly small.  Paulides has found about 400 cases so far of strange disappearances but that is what he has found.  The actual number could be far higher, and is high enough that he has written four books on the subject. So I think he’s touching the tip of the iceberg.

He has also documented large number of disappearances of young people in Canada where young men and women have disappeared from native villages, and again there is no official comment.

Could these disappearances be linked?  I think its possible especially when comparing his map to that of TAL’s map.  It is very odd to me that even given the small geography TAL represented that there are clusters of missing persons around his facilities.  That is just strange to me, but it also makes sense. You need to be able to take people somewhere for transport.

Will we ever know for sure that is whats going on?  I don’t think we will but one thing is for sure – The next time I go into the wilderness or a National Park which is a hot spot I will be keeping a close eye on my friends and family.

For more information on David Paulides amazing research you can visit:

The CANAM Missing Persons Project –



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Weird Weather Continues: Ice Age Now?

Posted on 14 December 2013 by Rob Daven

Living far into the Northwest Territories temperatures like -50c (-58f) are common enough that most people are prepared for the sudden dips into the frozen apocalypse.

In the last 2 years I’ve watched the strangest weather patterns seen in the arctic in known history.  It’s like everything is becoming disjointed.  The strange animal incidents that I covered in my film “The Sixth Extinction” last year have continued to excel.

Now, around the globe these changes are happening in greater frequency.

Currently outside the office it has warmed up to a balmy -38c (-36f) which is great after 3 days of sub -50 below temps.  Then again, this is the arctic and the drops are to be expected.

But what about the middle east?

The Egyptian capital of Cairo saw snowfall for the first time in 112 years.

Snow has covered landmarks in Jerusalem with many communities left without any power. As reported by the Financial Times, the horrific conditions are causing concern for millions of refuges in Syria. Tents used to house families have been left covered in thick snow. In the Lebanon, snow has also caused problems with roads blocked and schools closed.

Four people have believed to have died because of the harsh conditions. Egyptians who had witnessed snow for the first time in their lives were left amazed – with the Arabic word for snow trending on Twitter yesterday.Daily Mirror

And if you go through the pictures from the story above, you will see this isn’t just a “slight dusting” of snow.  This is a snow storm.

But we shouldn’t be surprised by this… the last 3 years have saw greater and greater natural disasters.

Consider the down draft chaos of 2011 when multiple places around the world where hit with sudden down-drafts that flattened stages and outdoor festivals?

Or maybe the mega-storms like Hurricane Sandy or Typhoon Haiyan.

I was almost convinced that global climate change (man made or otherwise) was responsible for the increase in weather phenomena, but then we started having all these asteroids coming in and causing chaos.

So the question I pose to you.. what is the cause of these events?   Comment below…


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Project Blue Beam – TV Station in the Sky

Posted on 11 December 2013 by Olav Phillips

SergeMonasteditcrop300wIn the mid 1990′s a new conspiracy started to make the rounds, a conspiracy of epic proportions.  To the uninitiated the conspiracy, Project Blue Beam, was proposed as a secret NASA program to develop a cutting edge display system which would allow the powers that be to project a 3D holographic image in the sky.  A single individual named Serge Monast emerged as the thought leader on this conspiracy and his conclusions seemed epic in its scope.  Prophets in the sky, earthquakes and massive UFO fleets but to name a few of the events which were to take place, all of which we designed to usher in a new level of panic as the populace ran to the powers that be to protect them and usher in the New World Order, the conspiracy theorists favorite end game – a totalitarian state rules with an iron fist.

The claims were controversial to say the least, and Monast’s claims have yet to materialize.  But does that mean that its all wrong?  As with so many things in the conspiracy world, the truth is somewhere in between I think.  Its also a good time to point out that as with so many situations his information was only as good as what his handlers gave him.

That being said, it is very possible and likely that deep within DARPA there probably is such a project.  So my intent here is to discuss why Blue Beam is not only possible but reasonable based on what we know.  Monast may have gotten the events wrong but I think he certainly got the technology right.  A technology we have not yet seen used, but that doesn’t mean it wont be.


Blue beam like technology has been in the public sphere for the last few years, and is one of the main reasons why I think a Blue Beam like project probably exists in DARPA.  Although we can debate when or if it will be used, it would make a powerful asset in any psyops (Psychological Operations) portfolio of options.

One of the technologies which could be used is to project a message, symbol, or 3D image onto a cloud or water vapor.  In the example below CT Lasers projects a message into the sky.

In this next example you can clearly see the projection of interactive 3D objects on a water cloud as part of the “World of Color” show performed in Disneyland most evenings.  Although it maybe Mickey Mouse wowing you with this amazing demonstration, the technology is still the same. It is important to notice the cloud which is being generated at surface level, but were the cloud generated and higher altitude the same effect would exist. Also remember the image does not need to be perfect to get the point across but it is an amazing use of cloud projection and could easily be adapted to display anything at high altitude.

But as good as the Disney water projections are, to see the true state of holographic projection we need look no further then the 2012 holographic projection of Tupac at Cochella.  The quality of the projection is uncanny and although not 100% life like it would be more then sufficient to be projected at high altitude to make a point.

But what really peaked my interest was a demo from the DEMO 2004 conference, dated 2004, which demonstrated a very sophisticated 3D holographic system.  You need to remember when watching this demo that the technology demonstrated is almost eight years old.  Even today the demonstration provided is very powerful, and it makes you wonder where they have gone on the technology front some eight years later!

So from these examples we can clearly see the Blue Beam technology not only exists but is in commercial use today. Could this technology be adapted for military or government use?  Absolutely it could.  Would it be a powerful tool?  Absolutely it would and in a lot of ways it would make perfect sense as a psyops tool.


Norway-SpiralSo if we step back for a moment and ponder the implications here, they are vast, powerful and disturbing.  As a commercial technology cloud projection makes absolute sense, its a kind of sky writing in the 21st century.  It allows you to powerfully express a message, and quickly.  Along the same lines, as a psyops tool it allows you to express a message very quickly.  Picture for a moment a battlefield were an angel descends from the sky and says to the soldiers below – Lay Down Your Weapons or as another medium of control we could look at something like Medjugorje where for many years the Virgin Mary has appeared to the faithful to deliver messages of peace as well as danger.  That is theoretically possible with simple commercial technology, not to mention DARPA which is probably another 50 to 100 years beyond the mainstream.

In that way a project like Blue Beam would effectively turn the sky, or at least clouds, into a TV station in the sky projecting the message of the powers that be to the confused public below. It could also be used to project aircraft, ufos, or fish the subject doesn’t matter at that point. What is more important is the ability to engage such a project.

Is Blue Beam a NASA project as Monast had suggested?  I find that claim unlikely, as I find the name Blue Beam to be unlikely as a project name but what I do find likely is that such a project exists in the bowels of DARPA.  I also have no doubt that if such a project exists it is A) Weaponized and B) will make it onto the battlefield at some point. In fact there have been rumors Blue Beam was deployed in at  least IRAQ to control Saddam’s army during our invasion.  It could also be argued that Blue Beam like technology was even used in the Norway Spiral instance.

As with any disinformation program, which I think Monast was a unknowing participant in, there is a grain of truth.  In intelligence circles it is called the “Golden Thread” and is something absolutely true, while at the same time the “Golden Thread” is compromised by the disinformation itself.  I suggest to you Blue Beam, in some form exists and I further suggest that it has been weaponized to be used before, during, and future as a psyops tool. We have the capability today so why wouldn’t it exist in weaponized form. The answer to that is that it mostly likely does but only time will tell.


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The Revolution WILL be Televised: Announcing Conspiracy HQ TV

Posted on 10 December 2013 by Rob Daven

So I’ve been a bit quiet since Friday and haven’t updated the news.  Instead of informing you of the amazingly weird news, I have been working on an application for Roku media players.

Today marks a major milestone towards launching Conspiracy HQ TV!  Our application has been submitted for review at Roku and we should be in the channel store within the next couple of weeks.

For those of you that can’t wait, you can add the Beta edition to your Roku here.

More announcements are coming shortly about this amazing project, but I’m so happy to be able to broadcast the research here around the world.

The revolution WILL be televised!

More about Roku media players
With over 5 million (at last official count from Roku) devices sold, it is quickly becoming the platform of choice for the Alternative media. The concept is simple. You buy the device, take it home and plug in the power and hook it up to your TV. Add your Wifi information and you will can start surfing hundreds of free stations. Another great feature is instead of having to scroll through hundreds of channels that you never watch, with Roku you add the stations you want… and that’s it. The channel store is easily accessible on screen and adding new channels is as easy as clicking “Add”.

If you need to purchase a Roku you can do so here.

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Alternative 1.5 – GeoEngineering, Chemtrails, and Global Dimming – Chemtrails 101

Posted on 01 December 2013 by Olav Phillips

Chemtrails started to come into the public imagination as a conspiracy topic in the mid 1990′s.  With the advent of the internet individuals from around the world started to congregate and share data showing strange persistent contrails being emanated from aircraft as they flew overhead.  It was a story which grabbed the public imagination and sent shock waves of fear through the populace as theories started to filter through in the public space. 

Theories ranged from mind control to depopulation and about everything in between.  Websites started to spring up and by the early 2000′s it had become an obsession of many to understand what was going on in the skies overhead. The search was on, who was doing this?  Were those military or commercial aircraft?  There was a concerted effort to find the squadrons, the pilots and the designers of this thing called chemtrails.

As with many thing conspiratorial the true story starts far before it gripped the international public with panic.  It is a story far older and probably more disconcerting then any of the, sometimes outlandish, theories which have been presented to date and like many things the story is probably not as complicated as we, the conspiracy demanding public, want to believe.

carbon_fluxThe story starts in the late 1950′s with a meeting on the American Chemical Society.  During that meeting a conscious was reached that industrialization was producing an increase in CO2 and other gasses.  It was also discovered by Roger Revelle of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography  that the worlds oceans, long thought to be the magnificent air scrubbers of the world could no longer keep up with the amount of ambient gasses building up in the atmosphere. Revelle discovered at the oceans could only deal with a mere 10% of the original estimation.  In short we had a problem.  As Revelle wrote “Human beings are now carrying out a large scale geophysical experiment of a kind that could not have happened in the past nor be reproduced in the future.”   An experiment which would lead to large scale greenhouse effects which would heat up the entire planet amongst other things. In effect Revelle discovered Global Warming.

Welcome to Alternative 1.5 – an audacious plan to geoengineer our planet out of an impending and catastrophic system failure. This was the next logical outcome from the failure of Alternative 1′s Operation Argus/Hardtrak which was designed to vent the gasses to space. It is important to note that Argus did succeed in demonstrating that artificial Van Allen style radiation belts could be generated with high altitude nuclear detonations.  A strategy which could deflect oncoming solar radiation or serve to bolster the ever weakening Van Allen radiation belts.

Starting in 1957 there was a rush to solve the problem.  Patents started to be filed from US2730402A which represented a aerosol dispersal device to US2908442A which was a method for the dispersion of natural atmospheric fogs and clouds.  Eventually a plan seemed to move in the direction of “Solar Radiation Management,” a process by which a reflective material such as aluminum would be scattered at high altitude to change the albedo, or reflectivity, of the Earth causing less light energy to make it to the surface of the Earth.  An effect called “Global Dimming.”  It should also be mentioned that if over your life span you believe the world has gotten strangely darker you would be correct.  As these geoengineering programs are more and more active the surface of the Earth will become darker in order to control and stabilize the global ambient temperature.

By the 1970′s more papers and ideas were being written on the subject advocating for the continued use of  metallic particles in the upper atmosphere.  As time went on the support of this idea continued.

In 1997 Dr. Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb, penned a piece in the venerable Wall Street Journal called “Sunscreen for Planet Earth” where he points out that this is extra-governmental problem which needs to be addressed.  An attitude which garnered the support of physicist Freeman Dyson (the man behind the Dyson Sphere concept). But it was a problem detected in the late 1950s and by the time this paper was written the vast geoengineering project was most likely well under way.

So where are we today?

image041Like many things in the conspiracy universe, we as researchers tend to over complicate the issue.  We find a need to make these kinds of programs much more devious and complicated then they really are.  I think that’s a natural inborn process of the human mind deciphering the issue.  But it is real never the less.  I think the simple answer to this question is that we are well into the program. One of the key patents I discovered which leads be to believe this is Patent 5003186 called “Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming.”  A very interesting patent which came out of Hughes Aircraft Company in 1990.  The patent also references older patents from 1965 and 1988.

This patent appears to be a act of evolution, not revolution, and deals with the types of materials used to produce the global dimming effect.  This patent would not necessarily be as useful if the program was not already underway.

Another case in point was research conducted during the groundings after the 9/11 attack.  During that time aircraft, except for military aircraft, were grounded across the United States. This presented atmospheric scientists with a unique window into an un-contrail effected sky and the results were staggering.  In the hours after the grounding, as the contrails began to dissapte the scientists found a 1.1 degree C increase in ambient ground level temperature over the 1974-2001 recorded numbers.  This is important for several reasons.  Number one it shows that larger scale geoengineering started in the early 1970′s and the second is that they have been able to stave off at least one degree for almost 30 years.  What is also of import is that that one degree represented only 4 days without jet exhaust.  If we were to go weeks, months or years the ambient ground temperature would rise more significantly maybe 10 or more degrees. In fact the reports show that the overall air temperature was 1.8 degrees higher then the previous 6 days.  That is a massive increase in temperature. You can read the short report here.

So what does this really mean?

If there is a large scale geoengineering project underway, which I think the 9/11 results prove, it is not a new thing.  In face the artist Prince, in an interview on BET discussed chemtrails and his observation of them as a child in Minnesota.  Given his age that would put his observations in the 1970s (Prince was born in 1955 so if we assume he was 15 would place the date around 1970).  This project has been underway for at least 30 years or more.  Probably early on the aerosol dispersal was on a trail basis which would account for some normal contrails and some persisting contrails.  At this point I would believe whatever additive is being used to produce this phenomenon is generically placed into the jet fuel used since more and more the contrails seem to persist.  This would explain why you cannot find a specific culprit, because there is none.  They are all producing the problem.

bar-graphIt is also important to note that since 2000 Alzheimer’s has increased by 63% and that aluminum in the brain and long term exposure to aluminum is one factor in the progress of Alzheimer’s.  This would coincide with the increased use of metallic, possibly aluminum, particles used as part of the program.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Of course this kind of project presents a huge problem.  On one hand the program, if it exists which I think you can argue, has carried out its mission to stabilize our climate.  The bad on the other hand is that it carries with it risks such has Alzheimer’s and other unforeseen catastrophic medical issues like morgellons, potentially.  But the ugly truth is that without it we have a uncertain, even more uncertain, climate problem. At this point climate change is upon us, whether man made or natural the outcome is the same – the production of a greenhouse environment with wild weather patterns, unreliable resources, and massive heat.  I’m not saying chemtrails are good, far from it but what I am saying is what they are – simply an attempt to control the global climate albeit conceived in desperation.

What they are not is a depopulation bomb, mind control, or global toxification. If these were the objectives then mass kills would be far more common place and the coverup of such an extensive project would be almost impossible.  This program is being concealed in the open and without the willing participation of pilots, ground crews or anyone else.  They are a passive delivery agent, that is the very reason finding the culprit has been almost impossible because on a mass scale there is no culprit per say.  Things like mind control are more easily executed through the water supply, which contains large amounts of birth control drugs, mood stabilizers, and other things.  Your water, which is the ultimate delivery mechanism, is like a pharmacopeia of mood stabilizers, anti depressants and all kinds of other things.

Good, bad, right, or wrong that is what is it is.  Each individual has to make their own assessment of the morality of such an undertaking but the undertaking itself, the program, is probably numerical and amoral in nature.  I doubt during those conversations, where ever they were had, the issue of morality or even long term consequences was discussed.  It was probably a purely an analytical discussion of cause and effect.  The one thing to keep in mind is that long term this will probably push us into an ice age.  I know that sounds crazy, and I will save that for another article but long term I believe we are probably going to head into a  ice age which is precisely what Alternative 3 warned us of.


I recognize that stating a view which is in opposition to the conventional and accepted conspiratorial view of chemtrails may not be popular and although I can see why the program exists, and I can rationalize how the program was conceived, I am not endorsing the program itself.  My role here is of the reporter.  As the reporter of facts I exist only to explain what my research has shown.  I defer to each reader independently to come to their own conclusions and to establish their own course of action.  My own beliefs as to the validity of the program and its objectives  are not germain to the conversation, instead this is a starting point for a much larger problem on our doorstep.  If this level of climate engineering exists it is a desperate attempt to stave off an impossible future. I wish I did not have to put in a disclaimer but that is where we are and I’d like to stave off the condemnation and shill comments and keep it to the facts which I think are bad enough.

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