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‘Smart City’ Failures Dumped on Taxpayers

Posted on 31 October 2012 by truther

If there was ever any doubt as to whether or not the Smart Grid aspect of UN Agenda 21 is marching forward, recent developments in Boulder, Colorado should dispel such skepticism. Likewise, these developments should also make clear that so-called Smart technology is about much more than simply cost saving. The relevant part of this story starts as far back as 2007 when Boulder entered into an agreement with Xcel Energy to enable the city to become the world’s first “smart city.”

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Military Holds Mock “Zombie Apocalypse Drill” on Halloween in Populated Area

Posted on 31 October 2012 by Shepard

Shepard Ambellas | The Zombie Training drill was organized for the US military by the Halo Corp. in conjunction with the CIA and Center for Disease Control (CDC) propaganda. A former CIA director heads up the major PSYOP or potential false flag.

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PSYOPS: NATO Allied Joint Doctrine for Psychological Operations

Posted on 31 October 2012 by Alex | Although the document is not unclassified, it is not meant for the public to read as it shows the extent the NATO war machine goes to alter reality in any country they have set their targets upon.

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DHS-FBI bulletin on suspicious behavior at hotels adds to already long list of terrorism indicators

Posted on 31 October 2012 by truther

According to the United States government, just about every single thing one can do is an indicator of terrorism. Everything from complaining about bias and believing in government conspiracies to ordinary bodily movements to bumper stickers to traveling long distancescan be considered an indicator of terrorist activity.That list can be expanded even further thanks to a joint Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) bulletin dated July 26, 2010 (PDF courtesy of Public Intelligence)

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25 Additional Items to Have on Your Bug-In List

Posted on 31 October 2012 by truther

I'm on the tail end of Hurricane Sandy - we had high winds, freezing rain, and power outages but apparently my area's going to be slammed and it won't be safe to go out. Certainly not the same as being in the midst of a life threatening emergency yet, but we often only think of the bare minimum items for survival through disasters - but what happens when minor or major events stretch on?Both minor and major events force us to adapt. Aside from media smear campaigns painting preppers (people with common sense) as wackos and terrorists, most people are warming up to the idea of being prepared. Maybe they are eco-conscious and are naturally leaning towards doing without, or are romanticizing old times away from the technocratic rat race, or maybe scary news stories finally lit a fire beneath them

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George Soros Schemes To Control The Future Of Greece

Posted on 31 October 2012 by Alex

James Smith | George Soros discusses the new social initiative of his foundation to create a new atmosphere of solidarity in Greece and help to alleviate the rising tensions in the country.

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Germany Loses $8.2 Billion as Geoengineered Superstorm Covers Possible Heist

Posted on 31 October 2012 by Avalon

Avalon & Shepard Ambellas | Why would one (faction) be interested in geoengineering one of the largest hurricanes in history?

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18 Startling Quotes About The Incredible Destruction Caused By Hurricane Sandy

Posted on 31 October 2012 by Alex

Michael Synder | It is hard to put into words the absolute devastation that we are seeing along many areas of the east coast right now.

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European Commission Single Supervisory Mechanism

Posted on 31 October 2012 by Shepard

James Hall | The lack of enthusiasm for the latest effort to centralize all banking and monitory regulation within the European Central Bank suggests that the surreal struggle for continental unanimity....

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Post Tropical Cyclone Sandy: Chris Mathews Drools Over Clinton; Calls Deniers “Luddites” and “Pigs”

Posted on 31 October 2012 by willyloman

by Scott Creighton

Chris Mathews proves his sycophancy and his ignorance once again.

It’s all about man-made global warming … I mean climate change … I mean global warming. Can’t question those scientists because we have to get Barack Obama ready to force the failed UK carbon credits market on the U.S. just as soon as the fraud election is over (read as “Romney takes a dive like McCain, Kerry, and Gore before him”)

Chris Mathews went on Hardball yesterday and breathlessly drooled over Bill Clinton saying that Sandy proves man-made global warming is real. He also called deniers of this new religion “pigs” and “Luddites” (for the “Luddites” quote see this)


Chris’ quests certainly framed this non-issue in terms of the election claiming that they can vote for saving the world (Obama) or vote for the Koch brothers (Romney)

Chris and his quests get a couple of things wrong here:

First of all, wasn’t it Obama who went to the Copenhagen Summit and deliberately blew the deal out of the water because he set the bar so incredibly low and cut a deal on the side with the big emitter countries to pretend they are doing something while crippling industry in developing countries? Oh yeah, that was World Savior Obama…

There’s plenty of blame to go around, but there was one country that possessed unique power to change the game. It didn’t use it. If Barack Obama had come to Copenhagen with a transformative and inspiring commitment to getting the US economy off fossil fuels, all the other major emitters would have stepped up. The EU, Japan, China and India had all indicated that they were willing to increase their levels of commitment, but only if the US took the lead. Instead of leading, Obama arrived with embarrassingly low targets and the heavy emitters of the world took their cue from him.

(The “deal” that was ultimately rammed through was nothing more than a grubby pact between the world’s biggest emitters: I’ll pretend that you are doing something about climate change if you pretend that I am too. Deal? Deal.) Naomi Klein Guardian, Dec. 2009

Obama saving the world from man-made climate change? Yeah right.

The second thing Mr. Mathews gets wrong is his use of the term “Luddite” to describe those of us who question the legitimacy of the religion of man-made climate change in the face of all the scandals, lies, leaked emails telling other to lie, changed “facts”, dropped monitoring stations, and the vast wealth that lies at the heart of the entire Global Warming industry.

When he calls us Luddites in reference to backward people who refuse to accept new technologies or science.

Chris Mathews is a fucking moron.

The Luddites didn’t destroy textile weaving machines in Nottingham Britain on March 11, 1811 because they were backward people… they worked on those machines for a living.

This of course is the standard way the truth is suppressed in modern America these days… the claim that the Luddites hated new technology is ridiculous and stupid at its core. It’s designed to cover up the REAL FACTS surrounding what those textile workers did and why they did it.

The Luddite disturbances started in circumstances at least superficially similar to our own. British working families at the start of the 19th century were enduring economic upheaval and widespread unemployment. A seemingly endless war against Napoleon’s France had brought “the hard pinch of poverty,” wrote Yorkshire historian Frank Peel, to homes “where it had hitherto been a stranger.” Food was scarce and rapidly becoming more costly. Then, on March 11, 1811, in Nottingham, a textile manufacturing center, British troops broke up a crowd of protesters demanding more work and better wages.

That night, angry workers smashed textile machinery in a nearby village. Similar attacks occurred nightly at first, then sporadically, and then in waves, eventually spreading across a 70-mile swath of northern England from Loughborough in the south to Wakefield in the north. Fearing a national movement, the government soon positioned thousands of soldiers to defend factories. Parliament passed a measure to make machine-breaking a capital offense.

But the Luddites were neither as organized nor as dangerous as authorities believed. They set some factories on fire, but mainly they confined themselves to breaking machines. In truth, they inflicted less violence than they encountered. In one of the bloodiest incidents, in April 1812, some 2,000 protesters mobbed a mill near Manchester. The owner ordered his men to fire into the crowd, killing at least 3 and wounding 18. Soldiers killed at least 5 more the next day.” Smithsonian

Yeah, go ahead and call me a Luddite Chris and I’ll still call you a spineless sycophantic moron. You’re too stupid too realize it’s a compliment these days.

Yes, I suppose the modern day Luddites do wish to cripple the machine of global conquest which is what is really what is lurking behind your man-made global warming dogma.

Go ahead and use Sandy to garner votes for Clinton I mean Obama.. but I wonder who that makes the bigger “pig”

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